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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 45


await your Lordships reply that we may know in what way the necessary separation can be effected with least inconvenience or difficulty to yourself, & conclude with the reiterated assurance that the step we take is taken with the most sincere & heart-felt regret for the necessity of sundering connections that are endeared by so many touching remembrances, only for truth’s sake, for Christ’s sake, for His body’s sake the Chruch, we do act as we do.

We are with affectionate respect,

F.W.Grant  Robert J. Grant

* * * * *

Toronto, Mar. 2, 1863


“…The work is going on here & many souls interested in the Truth, & increasingly so, the giving up the world for Christ soon comes in & so there are first last & last first, but the truth is reaching many & working with power in them, we have had two very bright deaths, & souls are continually added, but I look even more to the way the truth is reaching souls who are outside. I was up in the wild forest, there are there 14 breaking bread who began last year, & 19 or 20 where there is something of a village, and numberless small places where doors are open, were there energetic labourers. Mr. Grant has been blessed among the Indians three of whom have recently broken bread, two new


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