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convert, the other found peace & was set free, he is gone again down to their neighborhood…. My best to the brethren. We think of going to the States when the spring comes in a little, we have had down to 62 & 64 degrees of frost, but it did not last, the winter in general has been a mild one for this country, however they have brought loads of hay across Lake Ontario on the ice. It was about a foot thick. They are beginning to saw it out for summer use.   JND


Dearest Bellett,—I have not seen the latest attacks nor Kelly’s answer save a flyleaf of the printer sent me in a letter. It is a solemn time because it seems to me the throes of the Establishment but in opposition to truth. But it only leads me to go on calmly with the truth. The rest the Lord provides for. I have no thought of entering into any disputes with adversaries and those who attack. I think you will find and it has been my comfort when I have referred to them, that in all my controversies, French or English, some great fundamental or practical truth has been in question. On this question of law and righteousness, it seems to me that as to any present service I have written enough in a controversial shape because the truth is fully out. For disputations I have no taste. The statements of the Record as to my doctrine are false, I fear deliberately so; they have been brought here largely by the clergy as a pamphlet. I have printed a fly-leaf of two pages with

Greg said ...
Completed letter to JGB on p.46-52.
Compare Morrish 1:423; SH 1:348.
Printed editions give the location / date as Toronto, March 1863.
Saturday, May 13, 2017 : 06:48

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