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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 47


two columns giving their statements and mine; but have pursued no further argument. The circulating the attacks here comes from their uneasiness and from the progress of truth. I know not that I could very clearly bring before you or brethren the state of things here. There are conversions by no means unfrequently and souls brought to peace. We have had from among them as well as other Christians seeing clear, pretty constant additions to the gatherings. But truth, proving Christians, us, in our place, is working largely and sometimes deeply in many minds—first it is the enjoyment of the blessed truths of our relationship to Christ and the Father and Christ’s coming. Then comes the discovery by the persons or their friends that this means breaking with the world, ministers that it means leaving their place and losing their flocks—then it is a land that eats up the inhabitants thereof or fear to come—then if there is a work wants of souls that bring them back again sometimes staying away with a bad conscience.

In Hamilton particularly but also at Toronto this has been going on, quiet, humble souls dropping in meanwhile and enjoying. We have been preached against in Hamilton and Toronto, and it has frightened some, strengthened others who saw the truth was with us—led others to inquire. There are many in Hamilton deeply exercised and some here. One gives one a link with the whole religious world in the United States—what the result will be I know not—he will never be happy till he is out—he was once

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