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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 48


but got more or less connected with Millerites—saw too much to go on with them—and was afloat, and never has in heart been with sects since—a true man, his wife a very true hearted Christian got ahead of him. He preaches much he has been learning but this has surrounded him with listeners which tends to keep him back, I can pray for them more which is a comfort to me. I felt I ought to be able to reckon more on Christ for them. I felt as if the children were come to the birth and there was not strength to bring forth. I blamed myself for this, lest there should be knowledge without Christ enough for motion. This is what is going on in a great many souls, some when they found the real blessing thought we did not sufficiently bring forward these truths. But really foundations have to be laid and we must give meat in due season. This, though I leave it all to the Lord, exercises me as to stay here sometimes. I, of course, thought to be back in the fine season. I do still but when I see the work widening and deepening, it is difficult to fix a moment, and should it work on really to the States seriously it would yet be another serious ground of prayer. It has even crossed my mind that I might return and come back again, if the Lord so willed. I am growing old but having once crossed it is not so formidable and there is nothing to do but to serve Christ. He knows the future and I do not. Of the two I am better here in health than in England. I have work I am anxious about both England and France at present. I leave it, even in my mind, in the Lord’s hands. Thank God it is surely there and I am happy to serve while it is

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