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It is hot & we have plenty of mosquitoes but it is a small thing though I suffer a good deal physically can scarcely put on my shoes. As to Gilherby, he is a true godly man & God will keep him straight. Poor Stewart, you should have profound compassion for him. It is a sad picture of our poor nature & in this case I do pity him immensely. I had had thoughts of writing to him, he will feel his loss greatly: she was in many things a nice person though she did him injury latterly. It is a wonder he does not bow in heart under it all; but what is our nature? What is yours & mine if grace don’t keep us? But we ought to trust Him. In general the gatherings are going on in peace. I believe souls are still inquiring & seeking at Hamilton, individuals in more than one new place getting hold of truth. The testimony still tells on conscience. The Lord makes his beloved people faithful & devoted that His testimony may be  made good & increase & keep its hold. I think one thing characterized the meeting just closing more care for the Church at large & this gave certain power as it always does. It is not surely as full as it ought to be still concern for the Lord’s people is dear to His heart. Affectionate to the Brethren & your own house, JND

Evans is thinking of staying on account of the work going on.

* * * * *

Clinton, July 13, 1863

…I had thought of August to return but I shall hardly be clear before October, letting the Equinox pass. The Lord is working here & I came for a few days, but am off to Montreal where the Lord seems to be opening a door & helping

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