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considerably. I am thinking of New York & Philadelphia as the way to England. Kind love to the brethren, JND

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Rec.? (Toronto) end of May 1863

Dearest C____,

The work is going on & I trust satisfactorily here. We are beginning to reap a few ears at Hamilton, where all was thought impenetrable, but I always thought the Lord was working. One of the Elders of the Free Scotch Church breaks bread tomorrow. One who had been active amongst them & whose moving has made a stir among them. Some of his family will soon follow. Others of the congregation have been deeply interested in the truth. Some frightened by opposition. Some drawn out by it to inquire. Another Elder comes constantly to the reading meetings. Another, I hear, will resign but not leave the body. The Baptist minister (one widely known in the United States) has sent in his resignation; his wife is farther in the truth than he, both excellent people. I have already mentioned them. He wishes to be quiet for a while (as it has greatly exercised him) & see the path onward clearly before him. The most active female member breaks bread also tomorrow. This, of course, makes a rumour in the place. The ministers would give anything to come & see what acts so much on some, but do not venture. As I have said, interest in truth & opposition are both aroused by it. I watch a little over the work quietly (going on as usual) to see it consolidate itself. I hope that both these brethren, if the Baptist minister definitely takes his place, will be useful in service & in ministry to the Lord & in His truth. In Montreal the Lord is, I believe, distinctly blessing. I felt, as to that, my path was to wait, & this the Lord has owned; they are very anxious I should go down. I wait the Lord’s time. I am expected in Illinois & Michigan, I do not know when I shall go. Here at Toronto the attendance

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