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is good & souls are interested. But there is nothing very striking, souls are added. Two of them were with Newton’s party. The worldliness of professors here helps on any who have any spirituality at all. There is generally progress in the gatherings. The desire for books in on the increase continually & the brethren are happy. Where Evans is two more souls have found peace quite lately, I was hopeful of one of them I spoke to when I was at Guelph. I am entering a little on the Lord’s coming here, but there is nothing very particular in it. The winter, I may say, is gone, though it freezes what would be considered pretty hard for England. Dr. McKern has visited us & I believe was happy among the saints. He will tell you he found the climate very useful to him. Kindest remembrance to all your house. I find Scripture ever opening every more to me & I have found it full of food & instruction since I have been here, even as elsewhere. I find one has to just go on quietly serving only Christ, there is noting else to live for. I should not wonder if I returned this summer, if the Lord decided so & gave me strength to come out again the next. There are the United States to be visited, & the truth is spreading. He knows. All that is passing in every place confirms me daily more in the conviction that the Brethren are especially in the place of God’s testimony. Kindest love to all the beloved brethren.

Ever affecty yours, J.N.D.

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