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I trust all will be very speedily straight. He is in the best spirit. There is more danger from those who will go with him in Montreal than from others but he & (?Slack) are simply settled to take the body on their own showing & say they are outside they avow in coming they had got all wrong but what were they to do & and the Lord has done it for them & meanwhile they have with joy learnt what the Church is. It is very gracious of the Lord for it was a trial for many & he was very much loved. Here too was a care when I felt as passing through Montreal I felt I must leave it to the Lord. Nothing could be done naught to set this little remnant straight which was graciously accomplished & they have about tripled in the (?shade). I met Baynes’ people but felt save a little light afforded there was nothing to be done. He says now he sees how thoroughly right I was. Then he insisted they only wanted to be helped on, but he was in an impossible position. I met them, spoke on the Church, but could do no more. It has been for his own soul a most useful time full of blessing & he has opened his heart & purged himself. We wait for the result as to the outward form but the blessing is evident & God is full of grace and faithfulness. At Clinton the blessing is real & I purpose going there a while. I have an invitation from Philadelphia from a cousin a clergyman, (?D.V.) a Christian I have not seen since 1817, he heard I was here & wrote to invite me, so thus far a door is opened there, I was going there to see three or four poor sheep & the Lord willing, visit Montreal; most of the brethren have now left the meeting cheered, strengthened, and happy. I have found instruction and blessing myself.

Tom said ...
Just added 'since' before 1817. who is the cousin refereed to?
Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017 : 16:31
Timothy Stunt said ...
The cousin was the Rev. John Apthorp Vaughan (1795-1865), the son of Charles Vaughan, a younger brother of Ann Darby (JND's mother). John Vaughan graduated at Bowdoin College in 1815 and in the 1830s was Rector of St Peter's Church, Salem, Mass., In 1848 he was the first Rector of the newly established Church of the Mediator in Philadelphia. At the time of his death, he was Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Divinity School of West Philadelphia. It would appear that, at the age of twenty-two, after graduating from College, he visited the United Kingdom in 1817 and met JND (aged 17) either at his home in London, or when he was at Trinity College, Dublin. Timothy Stunt
Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017 : 19:36

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