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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 65


people, perhaps 130, about the half men. I trust dear Baynes too has got quite clear. He too has learnt what the Church is, he avows he never saw anything about it before. He had a church half of Baptists the rest attached to himself for he has, it seems, great power in preaching, a long while loose as to Bethesda but that a good while now clear of, but always half with Brethren & yet really acting against them & trying them for they (?loved) him much more than anyone, true it was having been (?convicted) by his means. There arose a little gathering at Montreal many of whom were greatly attached to him. They were getting on in the main very well & quite out of the world but the Spirit of God was evidently working in Montreal & this kind of half way house was a very great hindrance. The Baptist part of his church made a strong push to make it a Baptist one (he is a strong Baptist as to baptizing) & withal this time he got hold of what the true Church of God is, a dear man came up with him and got his soul very happily lifted on: meanwhile they had a rumpus in his meeting below, the Baptist party  declaring they were not & never would be Brethren; so the whole thing came to a crisis, he was always saying, they were getting on complaining of Brethren & acting in defiance of them. All is broken down & though he wants firmness when surrounded by evil influences I cannot but see the hand of God so evidently in all that has passed, that

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