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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 115


is just gone, how wonderful that the Lord should raise up witnesses in their place & reecho what they so long insisted upon. Yes, my course theologically & ecclesiastically was a great grief to that godly father. It is a great solace to me to think that now he may know how the Lord interposed & corrected my errors & revealed Himself anew to my soul. I can never think of that father without thinking of our dear brother Darby who has, in so many senses, been a father to me, it is as if that father were brought back to me in the person & spirit of brother D. Oh! how much of God’s precious truth in the vanity of our minds we reject, few like. We realize this in our little village. Most are afraid of us, even of those whose confidence & love we have enjoyed for so many years. While one or two can’t keep away from us, their consciences are deeply reached, they own we have the truth, that this is the way Christians should live; but they themselves cannot so live; they can’t leave the “church.” There is where the difficulty is with many who admit our words “if you have the light let us shine.” But to yield to their cry would soon find “the light in us darkness.” Mrs. B was remarking recently, “circumcis[io]n  was once a sign of separation, it was so no longer;" so, “the church was such a sign, but now so no more.” Very true. To enter the church is no cross, to leave it is. Hence to leave the church must be the sign of separation. Can that be God’s, __?__ to leave

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