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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 116


calls for the destruction of the flesh? To my mind there is not the least doubt about it. The Son is giving us cause to rejoice over a few that have been reached & delivered from error & the system of men. With these scattered here & there we keep up a free correspondence. When brother McAdams box arrives, which I am now daily expecting, I hope to write to him & to enclose some extracts from letters thus received. Several in Britain are much interested. We have had a number of interesting meetings for reading the Scriptures there. The Lord seems to be opening the way for brother Darby’s coming to new England. We are expecting him soon. Could we be located in or near Boston or Worcester, it would seem as if we could be more serviceable to the Redeemer. We are thinking the Lord may enable us to be thus located this season. We are laying the matter before the Lord both as to this and as to the depository, which is at present in our own house. It may be needful to rent a little room on some thoroughfare in B. or W. for the sale & distribution of the publications. Perhaps by connecting some station[er]y &c with them the depository might be carried on without much expense. I shouldn’t think of giving it much of my personal attention. We shall see. We are constantly sending off parcels of tracts. Sent a quantity to a dear Sister in the Lord in the state of Kentucky yesterday. Her letter to us is very interesting. But my sheet is full. I intended that Mrs. B. should have had room to write a few grateful words to yourself or Mrs. W., also to have enclosed the hymn sung at mother’s burial, but perhaps this may be done when we write to brother McAdam. Please accept, dear brother, our warmest thanks for the part you have taken in forwarding the dear saints offering, &, if possible assure


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