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them all of our humble earnest acknowledgement of their liberal donation. I had been thinking how I should pay the revenue duties & freight on brother McAdams box. This solves the question. Mrs. B. joins in Christian remembrance to your dear wife.

Most truly yours in Christ,


* * * * *

Indian Reservation, Tuscarora

March 2

Beloved Brother,

I hasten to acknowledge receipt of your kind note & the enclosed check of £60 for myself & brother, and £40 for Miss T. work in connection with the Indians. I desire to express too on my brother’s behalf as well as myself our gratitude to the dear brethren who have so kindly thought of & ministered to our need & for the love of which this is the expression.

I own, dear brother, such love makes me feel ashamed at the little proof I give of real thankfulness to Him who indeed has never wearied in giving fresh proofs of love for me. With regard to the money for the work among the Indians at present I do not see anything that calls for help, except in the case of our sister Mrs. Powliss, the widow of the dear brother who fell asleep last year. She has been seeking to get rid of some few debts that were contracted in her husband’s lifetime, & has done so to

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