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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 118


a great extent. I think that all that remains unpaid is one of about $25, & another of $12. She has a young family to support, & tho’ not in very necessitous circumstances it would certainly be a relief to her to get some assistance in paying these debts. She has paid during the past year about $150 by practising extreme economy. The crops that her husband sowed enabling her to do so. She has five children the oldest is about 11 or 12 years of age. The brethren help her with the farm so that she will be able to get along pretty well when clear of debt. I think it would be the Lord’s mind that she should get some help. However, I will consult some of the brethren in Brantford who know the circumstances of the case. You will not be surprised to hear that Satan has been busy amongst them here, & that cause for sorrow has arisen but I trust the evil will be overruled for good. I trust the Lord is still working, perhaps more than ever, as I know of several who are anxious about their souls & some who are more or less settled as to salvation, & who, I think, the Lord will lead on. Very bad roads, a scattered population, & being obliged to speak thro’ an interpreter to most of them, make it more difficult to get on. Still it is the Lord’s work, & He can carry it on in spite of difficulties. I am now back in my old quarters with an Indian family again in the hope that the Lord has something for me to do here. The wife of the person I am with found peace some time since & breaks bread whenever she can get an opportunity, it is four miles to the place of meeting & mostly thro’ swamp.

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