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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 119


We were very much rejoiced to see dear Mr. Darby & I am sure the Lord sent him for blessing to many. At Toronto there is a good deal of interest manifested. I understand a good many have been added, I think over 90 are in fellowship there. At Guelph there is also work, & places in many part of the United States appear to be opening. But you will have more particulars from dear Mr. Darby himself than I can give you

With warmest love to yourself & all the dear brethren, I am, beloved brother, affectionately in the Lord,

Robert T. Grant

* * * * *

Rec[eive]d June 1865


Dear Mrs. Gregg, 

I have got all the letters right, many are now sent directly to me here, as I am known to be here. At present I think I may be ere very long in England in the course of August. But I hardly know, sometimes I have thought of staying even another winter here, as there is a vast deal of work opening out, & in some places only just beginning. Perhaps it will be for others younger to carry on; but it requires patience & firmness here. If I come & have still strength left, perhaps I should have to come out again next summer, but it is a long way; but there are some things I can hardly do save in England, & in some places there I should be glad to take up, still one must remember

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