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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 114


this step. A committee after a long conference with him reported his case to the church. After reading this report I found myself reviewing it & had written about 50 pages of letter paper in this way. My brother is now making an abstract of it. I am surprised at the utter weakness of that report; it is as if the Bible had been lost by the committee & nothing had been thought of but the “denomination.” And yet it is just such a sort of document as I once should have written. My brother’s wife is also deeply exercised; he keeps her back lest sympathy for him rather than the truth should rule her. It will be surprising if she continues in system much longer. So if the Lord has taken away a mother & brother by death, He gives me a brother from the grave of tradition & error. He appears to me like one from the grave, tho’ always a very consistent Christian outwardly, he has never so before seemed to walked with God. His house is another thing to me now. He & his wife are, however, made to realize the consequences of living godly. I tell them their religion heretofore has cost them nothing. Their relations & church associates seem a good deal chagrined at their change of position, & not a little impatient with those who have been the Lord’s instructors in effecting it. We, however, feel very grateful to God for providing us with such a help, as it were in our own family. For while one brother living in Washington declares me crazy, this brother welcomes me anew to his heart as one that was lost & is found. He was saying to me lately that only a few days before mother’s last illness he was conversing with her & remarking how wonderful are God’s ways. Our dear godly father, a man deeply read & able in the Scriptures, who died about 17 years ago, saw truth in very many respects as the Lord has shown it to us. Then such was my own ignorance & pride of heart that I could not accept it. Now at length the prayers of that dear father are being answered, & as father has passed away & mother

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