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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 113


have desired to see it, tho’ not without some trial to us. After the consent of the rest of the brothers & sisters to this unusual mode of burial, contrary to our expectations, we felt that we had fairly committed the Lord to us, & yet we felt it to be His will that we should so do; & He did not suffer us to be put to shame. After all were assembled I announced on what principles we were about to worship, then read a portion of Scripture accompanied with a few remarks, after which my brother Daniel, next younger than myself, offered some highly appropriate words, next a hymn prepared for the occasion by my wife was sung; next remarks and prayer by one of the ministers of Boston, & finally the doxology was sung. At the grave it was my mournful pleasure to lead in prayer. At the close of all we could truly say, “God has been with us today.” All seemed to realize the blessedness of the occasion. Every thing was done as we knew would meet the sanction of her who was the occasion of our solemnities & of the Master Himself. Some might have stigmatized the proceedings as an “oddity,” but we know that others did pronounce them altogether becoming. One week from this one of my brothers was carried out of the same house to rest near our dear father & mother. He was ill at the time of mother’s funeral. The loss of a favorite son, an officer in the navy, the loss of mother, & a crush in business resulted in the loss of his reason. Poor dear man, he loved the Lord, owned that we were right in our position & several times broke bread with us; but he was not fully given up to the Lord & His word. His children are now without father or mother, most of them are Christians. I alluded above to my brother Daniel. I rejoice to say the Lord has opened his eyes to the truth; he has left the Baptist Church, which has ever regarded him as one of its firmest adherents, after having sent them a long letter of reasons for

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