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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 112


until he should indicate otherwise, He has never failed to remember me. For the whole of my “ministerial life” I had been fretted about a salary sufficient to the wants of myself & family. You may well imagine what a kind of sacrifice unto the Lord that was. What a relief from such pressure, yes, such a curse. Why should God’s people, & even those who profess to be nearest to Him & actually devoted to the cause of His Son, try to take care of themselves, & shut God out of everything to which they put their hands. Oh! It is so blessed to let Him into everything[2], to see God in everything[1]. I trust, dear brother, you will not think after so much said that I need to be told that “man liveth not by bread alone.” I do enter into the other part of it “but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” I do desire the souls prosperity above that of the body; & if at any time either is to suffer it is my prayer “let it be the later.” Think not either that we cease to realize that we are in a world where Satan temps, sin abounds, & death reigns. Of all this we are ever reminded. Since my last I have laid away in the grave my aged godly mother, of nearly 86 years. She was truly a saint. With us she has greatly rejoiced in the truth. Her Bible was her constant study. The last two years of her pilgrimage were marked with many severe assaults upon the “earthly house of this tabernacle,” while “the inward man was renewed day by day.” As aged as she was she would at times go out & make visits for the purpose of Christian edification. At one time she said to my wife “Oh! this is worth all your going to Canada & coming back to bring such precious truth.” According to her previously expressed wish her funeral was conducted as you would

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