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for dinners, for which we go out, but all clean & nice enough. Tydeman £ 7.00 is for lodging not so nice; the room for Lord’s Day & an evening or two, if required, £ 4.10 a month, lit & warm. But the door is opened in the town thro’ mercy & that is the great point. We can direct them to a place if they desire to hear, the result is with the blessed Lord. For the moment I stick to the work here. We are seeing what to do about books & tracts, they are demanded often & Toronto is out of the way. Kindest love to the brethren. I have not written much lately, indeed nothing but my new notes on the Bible. Brethren must not over-write themselves; better to have what is right, good & fresh, than a quantity. I am not aware that I have written more than what God has given me for other’s use when He has done so. If laid by from old age I might have more of this work. I am in my 67th year. Peace be with you. The Lord keep us humble & waiting upon Him.



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Jan. 9 1867


I was very glad to get your letter & hear of the brethren once of the evening school. With patience & looking to the Lord we may count in the end on His blessing. He disposes of all things and brings it about in His own way: thank God it is so. I was very glad indeed to hear of the getting up of the school again elsewhere, for tho’ I could not from other work be often there, the school interested me greatly. I trust the Lord may yet again bless it. Give my kindest Christian love to those dear brethren. The Lord has been gracious to us here, tho’ there is nothing very brilliant. Still He has gathered those in earnest, & delivered them completely from the deceits of false doctrine, & has opened some doors to the truth chiefly thro’ a young brother in Dublin, who is active & zealous,

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