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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 141


controversy, & I shall act according to that conviction. I do not think it such a difficult time to the simple-hearted. Faith in one sense is a difficulty solved only by God’s grace. It is a difficult time if we seek to mingle the world, Church, & the path of faith, but the path of faith itself is always the same, & the Word to guide & the Lord to give strength. It may be an evil time, days evil, but that is not a difficult time. It was an evil time when the blessed Lord was born, but I do not know that the Simeons & Annas & Marys & Elizabeths found it a difficult time; such will be sorrowful times & they require the patience, which separates the precious from the vile. But following the Word is always simple, & humble, & always happy because the Lord will be with us. I mourn with all my heart over poor Dorman & Hall, & I trust they may be restored, but they have committed themselves terribly, & it will cost them much, but the Lord is gracious.

I have nothing more particular to tell you of these parts; we have now a little room to meet in. I am getting every day into contact with some fresh souls desirous of truth, &, I think, the Lord graciously hearing & working, but it is in a small & humble way; but, as far as I can see, sound; we are clear of all the heretical movements, broken off from the worldly bodies, a difficulty we had to deal with. The Neutrals throw themselves unhesitatingly into all this, & go along with it. This makes the path clearer. F.G.Brown is come to near Boston, but his brother is very ill. I hear there progress, & it is American. I hope he will not be in too great a hurry. There are about 10 there, here about 18 but less American as to materials, but in both there is a spiritual home now for any coming out. Tydeman has a little lodging, but our meeting room is in the same house. Lodging enormously dear, living going down rapidly, they say. We pay £9.00 per month & over for 3 small rooms on third floor, very comfortable however, 10/6 a week for breakfast & tea each, & 1/ to 1/6

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