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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 143


& has facility in getting to know people, which I have not. In the old neutral meeting they now openly deny the immortality of the soul. Morris, who became a follower of Newton, being the great propagator of it. It is very sad, for he is, I hardly know what to say, pretending to Greek & Hebrew with unlearned persons, & saying what a schoolboy with a dictionary would know is nonsense, with an effrontery really extraordinary, & there are some kind easy souls ensnared, who would not act faithfully when the question arose there. Those who did are now completely clear & walking with us.

The distances are great, & even the harbor to cross, which, of course, is a hindrance to meeting. We are in all now between 20 & 30, & some others disposed to come, beside those who have left N.Y. & are walking well elsewhere. And I am getting, as I said, among other persons. That, I doubt not, with usual opposition, would go on, if I was staying here, but I have to go to Boston too. But the testimony is planted & God owns that, & Tydeman is here. I feel it is a great thing. It was my first desire with God to have a true meeting & testimony, however feeble, so that upright souls & strangers might have a resource & means of communion, & now there is here & at Brooklyn, & I am thankful. It is a time of patience, for, save a few, it is only in the evening you can get to see people, because of business. I have profited by the time I have had, reading & perfecting myself in Hebrew.

In the West, thank God, there is progress. There the testimony is planted & growing. Our beloved brother R. Grant is there now, & I have generally happy accounts: I have particularly from Michigan; but also from Wisconsin, where souls have been added; Missouri & St. Louis. The greatest number are in this last & in one place there has been marked blessing. If I possibly can, I shall visit them again,

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