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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 144


& push on to St. Paul, Minnesota, where there is a little gathering, also. In the western part of Canada, too, there is blessing. London [Ont.] is beginning to grow & at Port Burnell on Lake Erie there is a great deal of inquiry; a little gathering was formed there some short time ago. F. Grant is there now. I have already told brethren that Boston, where F. G. Brown is now, is taking some consistency as a gathering. I have pretty much done with the question of the doctrine of the suffering of Christ. My own feeling is that there has been a want of faith in the west of England; but as some expressions might furnish occasions to those who sought it, I framed & have sent a paper of introduction & explanatory notes on the original paper. I think they ought to have seen that the objectors are wholly unsound as to the sufferings of Christ, &, leaving aside personal motives, that is the source of the evil. I have received statements which bring it out to light in the clearest way, so that I am very thankful that the question has been mooted. I trust that those brethren, who have a single eye in the matter, will get clear. They ought to have seen this, & known what made people object. Should I be forced into controversy, which I trust I may not, I should have to bring this point out clear. I trust it will get cleared without it notwithstanding. Christ’s connection with the Jewish remnant does not trouble me at all, it is a matter of knowledge, & tho’ that affects Christ is interesting for our souls, of ought to be, a soul can get on in ignorance of it, but a denial of sufferings, other than atonement, is a loss, & more than a loss to the soul. It is most mischievous as to the truth & as to the affections. God will clear all this up, I doubt not. Would you tell Mrs. Gregg to send (for a month) my letters to Mrs. F. G. Brown, Mrs. Harvey’s, corner of Mt. Auburn & Dunster St., Cambridge, Mass. Kindest love to the brethren,


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