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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 60


many desirous of more. Indeed many of them were anxious to hear in St. Louis. But everywhere a plain full gospel the most advanced are ignorant of. This is what is wanting everywhere their devotedness & worldliness. I hurried back for the work is going on in Canada. At Toronto there is progress, individual souls quietly but really getting on one after another & dropping in. At Hamilton they are, I am told, very happy. I trust even the work of ingathering is not closed yet. I rejoice to say that the work amongst the Indians goes on well. The clergy had done all they could to hinder their coming & at first seemed to succeed, also one or two strangers came who were really interested, but they have now got up again to 40 at the meetings & the sister-in-law of the Catechist who came out now breaks bread having been brought to peace.They meet now among themselves, or R. Grant goes down & holds meetings among them. I was at another place some 10 miles from Lake Huron where I found the door open & the word have real power over many hearts. It was interesting to see. I may return there. Evans will go (D.V.) next week. I was up in the bush 10 miles further & had a very nice meeting. The house was too small & I preached in some open ground near it, standing indeed at the door. I suppose I shall return this summer, but I am not without the thought, if the Lord will, of coming back again next. The Lord raise up labourers in His grace. There is still a good deal to here. I have happy news of France. But Oh! when one thinks of all the wide work there is to do, how all

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