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sent me there. I was about 2000 miles in the last 4 weeks besides preaching & walking. But the Lord helped us & took care of us in every way. Even when wandering in the forest near the Swiss Brethren (they break the prairies when there are many streams & are of considerable intent). I left Evans sitting in the forest & lit on the son of the Swiss brother, with whom I stayed, ploughing at the edge of the forest 2 & a half miles from his house; he was proposed for communion while I was there. At Chicago I was among Americans, & though I felt the desolation, met some who earnestly desire better things & I have faith as to that great but (usually speaking) poor country, but I think any true spiritual mindedness & devotedness (not mere outward activity) would be more despised there than anywhere. There, who begin, must be content with a day of small things if God gives such & I think He will before the Lord comes. At St. Louis I was among some nice people, Americans too, one breaks bread; I visited others; one got a lift when I preached to go home, I believe, & die. I visited him afterwards – but the town was too full of the nearness of the war to be open to much, it is a frightfully wicked place. At Detroit I broke bread with a little handful of English who have walked faithfully for years with a brother among them who cannot minister in the congregation & the Lord has kept them. There, there is opening besides the French. A Baptist minister who will not call himself such & preaches the Lord’s coming, but confessedly remains behind his convictions, I saw a good deal of, he has preached both at St. Louis & there enough truth to make

Tom said ...
Just changed "there war" to "the war" .. maybe should be "those" rather than "there, who begin" too?
What does he mean "lit on the son" ?
Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 : 13:14
Timothy said ...
"lighting on someone" usually indicates a chance encounter. Evidently his meeting the son of the Swiss brother was unexpected... Timothy Stunt
Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 : 15:16

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