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depends on grace. Then my heart turns when it seeks to embrace all the work, one is cast on One who can do it, Who has loved the Church & given Himself up for it, & one’s soul gets rest, yet how I long for more concentration of heart. This is the lack I feel; of outward labour I could hardly do much more, but to carry in on within with God, to allow no distracting thoughts to fritter away the mind, where as it is by grace & takes the form of intercession, concentration is power. There it is, I feel, my shortcoming yet feel it alas so little or it would be mended. Certainly the blessing of the Church & gathering souls into it is what I have at heart, yet how little I can carry it to God, yet the gracious Lord has shed His light over my path here. What is my thankfulness for being permitted to serve Him I could not tell to man. How bright the prospect when it is over no tongue here can tell. The Lord be with you, dear _____ & your little ones, you know that the Lord is all, as well as I, it is well to call it to mind to one another, all else will pass away. Give my kindest love to the Brethren. The Lord be with them. They will remember us in their prayers. Affty Yours,


I have written hurriedly the day of my return to Toronto where I found a quantity of letters not sent as I was moving about the States.

* * * * *

May 20, 1863

Dearest Wigram,

I just write a line — when on return to Toronto receiving my letters. I have been to St. Louis & seen the Swiss & French Brethren. America has injured them but their consciences have felt it & there is a healthful

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