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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 62


action of heart in most of them. I felt very happy at having been able to see them. I may return to Detroit a little. I was at Clinton, C.W. for a day or two returning & the Word took thorough hold on a good many hearts. There is a work there I doubt not. Evans is going there & I may return. They are very happy I hear at Hamilton. The work presents nothing new save Clinton. The hindrance among the Indians has given way & once 40 have attended & one soul has been added to breaking of bread, and they i.e. R. Grant is very hopeful of two or three more amongst them. Dear ______ is staying with A. Wells to recruit, as conflict of mind, &c, had a good deal worn him & has recruited & is happy. He is glad to be quiet a little, feeling he has much to learn, but is writing to all his friends, ministers in the States. His mind is an anxious one, but he is a good & upright man. I saw a Mr._____ at _____ who feels the evil around, but faith is another thing, he knows he is behind his convictions, but has too long been there. A door is surely open in the States, but it would require patience & to be contented to be thoroughly despised, but that is nothing when one has Christ. I suppose we will have our yearly meeting in June. I have some visits to pay afterwards & at present suppose I shall draw toward England probably by Philadelphia & New York, but this is in the Lord’s hands. Would you tell Mrs. Gregg I have got her letter & thank her for it. What I have said to you is as much as I am able to say of my movements. I only made a run through the States, three or four weeks but it was of 2000 miles.

Affectly yours in the Lord,


I hear the Lord has shown His own ways with them in East St. There is nothing like patience if we trust Him.

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