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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 63


My Dear Brother,

You must not call yourself old as if you were tired. The Lord was never weary, yet the Ancient of Days. You have to renew your strength as a eagle, to bear fruit in old age. I have heard little in detail of England, a little while back only enough to learn that the Lord had been very gracious. I was able to trust Him though knowing nothing for I need not say being here does not hinder the Brethren in London or elsewhere being in my heart. I was not surprised at the breaking up of East St. nor am I at their seeking some human resting place now, for it was begun in self-will & not with God. Often what we have to do is leave things with God. He will not always use us in everything but He will always do His own work & we can or ought to trust Him for it. There are many things where I have had to leave all to Him, trusting Him fully, but feeling my path was to be still & do nothing, some through my own fault where I had to cast myself specially on Him, some through the fault of others, but He will always do what is right. I fear sometimes dear Evans’ hearty & sanguine mind gives too glowing a picture of us here, that the Lord has most graciously blessed us & and still is blessing us that is certain, but grace has its conflict with the opposings & fears of nature as elsewhere. The Episcopal clergy are particularly bitter but it is natural to them as in certain respects

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