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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 132


without light, and I believe for those who seek God’s face and His word it will prove a positive blessing. Thos who are cast on the bank I mourn over, am satisfied it is their own previous state of soul, but only search myself to see if I have given occasion whereby that which was lame should not be healed. I earnestly hope there will be no replying or discussion, but that the Brethren will walk on peacefully in their own path, seeking God’s will and wisdom. I suppose it is the will of our God that there should be these attacks just now. The attack of Mr. Guinand is, he says, in consequence of a printed paper of mine falling into his hands. It was printed in 64, two and a half years ago, and I did not let it go out, as I thought it far better to let it pass, and so it was, for God worked graciously and effectually in His own way. I hear now they are distributing my pamphlet, for which I never gave leave, but quite the contrary, forbid its going out; I suppose in consequence of Mr. Guinand’s. It is their own affair now, not mine. The little tract as I recollect was all right. I shall still leave all that to its own course. I am sorry for Guinand. I have just got a note from him of August 16 inviting me to a conference (general meeting) on the 10th September. My letters have been traveling into Illinois. I have to get them back again. Here, that is in America, truth is progressing, in the States on many sides there is a very considerable spreading of it. Not a great deal now in Canada, individuals are blessed and receive it, and added to our company, and new meetings have been formed, and in some places there is an anxious desire to hear, but there is not special spreading of truth. The brethren are getting on happily. The moving away to other places is a hindrance, here, however, in many instances those who have left have found nucleuses elsewhere. In the West there has been evident progress. In the East, where Brown is, it has been more individuals, and in that respect distinct blessing. There are, however, four little gatherings in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Boston and New York will now occupy me,

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