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the Lord willing. The Neutrals have so decidedly associated themselves with those who deny the immortality of the soul that our path is made easier by it. Who will be in Jamaica if Tydeman is in S. Carolina? Laborers are wanting here as everywhere, and Beaumont may be useful. There are others here, I think, who might be, if gift was developed, they being given up to the work. In general we have to be thankful for the Lord’s gracious care and guidance, but there might be more earnest labor amongst us all. Those you know by name are, I suppose, more and more useful. I hope only F. Grant’s medicine will not be a hindrance. At St. Cathrines where Bowes had troubled them, the Lord has, I hear, set all right, and remedied by it what was a mistake as to an individual in bringing him in. There are now in Canada and the West as near 700 as possible whom I have visited, save two small new gatherings. It is little or nothing, it is true, still the testimony is spread by this, and the progress, though in its infancy has been regular. It is a day of small things.

Kindest love to the brethren. May peace be with them.


* * * * *

(To Rickards)

Received in Derby November 21, 1866


I thank you for your note and its enclosures. I am still going on through mercy with my work and helped and happy in it. I have just been to Quebec and to the Eastern Townships and am soon on my way D.V. [Lord willing] to New York, I suppose this week. I have seen none of the attacks on my tracts, nor have I sought to see them, as I know the objections, and I look on them as an evil attack on myself, which I freely leave to the Lord. Yesterday and again today I have heard they are in Canada, and I leave them in Canada to their readers, as I do in England, and have not sought to see them. If Morrish want me to reprint or correct for

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