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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 56


of the faithfulness of God to help them & carry it out in grace for them. May the Lord bless & keep them. I have laboured with them & suffered with them & trust the Lord that He will bless them & that I may be blessed with them in the unity of the Spirit of God. May they remember that there is one Spirit & one body. I am here to visit the Swiss & French Brethren. The work in Canada was going on when I left with increasing interest & progress in several places. I have found wants and interesting openings in Detroit & Chicago here on the way. One sees the state of the Church & it is felt by many to whom God has directed me. I feel America is open but who shall step in? It needs one of power & wisdom yet content with small things because Christ is sufficient. Here one sees & godly persons feel activity supplanting spirituality. Gross materialism, yea, often characterizing that activity & godly men not knowing which way to turn. The Lord always faithful & gathering His own out of the world, but a state of things that presses on the heart. Devotedness earnestly called for, Christ all, & the truth to be held fast. Opinions & materialism eating the heart out of the Church; one as the other, looseness as to one, and energy as to the other. But godly men, Pastors of churches so called, & others feeling it & groaning under it. The eager desire for Brethren’s writings is extraordinary wherever there is a desire of anything better, and amongst people who do not know & cannot imagine where they came from. They pass from hand to hand where they cannot be got. It has

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