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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 55


unity according to the word. But I go on the facts the analogy is wholly & practically false. The difficulties are practically great in London, but with cordial cooperation they disappear, & I believe in the power of the Spirit of God to overcome the difficulties, which arise from the immense size of the town & produce common action. If everyone will go his own way it cannot be, but you have independent churches & members of them. In Galatia, a man was of a local church & if he went to another place took a letter of commendation: could I take one, from the Priory every Sunday morning I went down to Pimlico or Kensington? We are necessarily one body in London & with grace can so walk. I mourn these efforts to dislocate the united action hitherto carried out but as yet will hope that we may not have the testimony that we have not enough of the power of God’s to overcome the practical difficulties, but are obliged to confess that we give up the testimony to God’s church in London. Hall’s practical independency or congregationalism I repudiate with every energy that I am capable of. What I earnestly desire is the cordial cooperation of Brethren to maintain common action in one body according to the Scriptures, & unity of the Spirit of God, & I earnestly pray that the beloved Brethren in London may be kept in grace seeking it in the faithful desire of union, service in lowliness of heart & I am sure

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