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been proposed to reprint several. I was a good way into the state O New York to see some persons. I found the same state of uncertainty of soul, no liberty of heart through the Holy Ghost in, I may say, any, & from circumstances I saw a great many, speaking with them from six in the morning till I entered at half past seven save my meals. I return directly to Canada as my work at present is there. I only have gone a little way round the walls of Jerusalem in coming here. Kindest love to the beloved Brethren. The feeling I had as to the state of the Church when I first came out has been deeply renewed. May the Lord keep the Brethren in the simplicity of their own testimony. If they do not so He will have others who will. Peace be with all the saints.

Your affect. brother in Christ, J.N.D.

* * * * *

Postmark – Toronto May 27, 1863

Dearest P____,

I sit down at last to write a line or two to you on my return from the States. I was some 120 miles into New York State speaking to souls there & then passing through Canada to Detroit, Chicago & St. Louis on the Mississippi, and some 50 or 60 miles beyond across the country on the skirts of the war, though not feeling it beyond soldiers being about an encampment in sight, where Evans distributed tracts, &c, but a sad state of things. The church is more worldly in America than anywhere you would find it, i.e. the professing bodies, the world

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