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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 74


Montreal  Rec’d. 31 Aug 1863

Dearest Wigram,

You may have heard from G. Baynes of the work here, but I am glad to keep the brethren au courant (aware) of what is passing; &, indeed, not only my heart desires it, but they have every title thro’ their large kindness & love. As I refer to this, I would say, R. Grant has taken to keep the books of Robinson at Collingwood, a very kind and true hearted brother, who will not only leave him free to work there, but to go away when called elsewhere for a time. I was a little uneasy as to his leaving the work among the Indians, where there was certainly blessing, but the Catechist preaches & works among them, so I hope it will be all right. There were several souls receiving the truth when I was there. I was otherwise glad at his readiness to do anything to be as little a burden as possible. He is a dear & upright person, one I much love. F. Grant teaches Sir J. Robinson’s son & so far helps too; his strength is not great. Mrs. Brown keeps a school; so all are doing what they can. I mention it that Brethren may feel that these are not willingly imposing a burden. As to the work, after a short visit to Clinton where the Lord was working a little and some came out, I came down here; there was a meeting of 15, grown up gradually, & Baynes’ meeting half brethren half dissent; a trial to us all, had at last to break up into its component parts. He had got hold of the unity of the Body & much blessing at our general meeting a Guelph which was much blessed. It was satisfactory. Not a fusion; but he came down & said he found they were not on the ground he thought they were & left, so he was clean out. Several of the brethren there had been before minded to leave, feeling they were in a false position, but one of them had kept them back, saying it must soon come to a crisis; so

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