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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 75


that they were prepared to act. He had been teaching the ruin of the Church & meeting as 2 or 3. Some of the sisters less clear about anything; but a good many were. The 15 had given up breaking bread the Sunday before I came to facilitate the matter; and we had meetings for any question every evening when many besides attended & which were useful, the Lord leading them happily. We met to break bread. My being here has helped to cement them & thus far we have got on happily, and fresh souls have both found peace & been added. We were 47 at communion last Lord’s Day. There are 50 or 60 in all. About half the 47 were men; but there are not any, or scarcely any staid experienced carers for souls; but the Lord suffices. I was going to Ottawa where one blessed at Toronto had opened the door to me & there is a meeting of whose solidity we were uncertain. One came down thence Sunday, a nice man, & I trust formed an additional healthful link. They are desirous of union with the other brethren. Of all people one of them is a little lad whom we employed to fetch our letters at Carhue to Clare when a man dare not go, Micky Nihil. One finds all sorts here, but I was glad to find him a saint. I remember his family well. His father was the first person to whom I made myself understood in Irish, when he was very ill & the priest would not come. I remember my joy at his terzami ĕ shin – I understand that – when I told him of Christ the true High Priest. I have to return to Detroit & London; the first a trying, the second a visit the result I know not, even in thought; then, the Lord willing, to New York & Philadelphia.

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