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In the last place I have an invitation from a Christian cousin a clergyman, D.D., not seen since 1817. So the Lord leads. The thermometer today is above 90 in the shade, it has ranged from 80 odd to 88 & upward for a fortnight or more; but one gets on. Today I felt it oppressive to work a little, my head ached, I think from damp with my window open at night. If you see Bligh tell him I saw Mrs. Hagget now Dodds, happy in soul, but a good deal alone. Tomorrow (D.V.) I go to see the Canadian mission at Grande Ligne, whose labourers I have known in France & Switzerland. I have found too, two Swiss brethren, who worked in another sister mission among the Canadians, now dismissed, really because the knew too much, were too much brethren. I hope to see more of them, one is zealous, whom I knew well at Orbe. They may yet work in freedom. Their affections are will us heartily. It is not work that is wanting; one who could take up souls with some experience & have his time free to labour, where distances of course are great & the gatherings chiefly small & poor, would find plenty to do. Evans proposes staying the winter; he is at Clinton. They were so happy at Hamilton that I wrote hoping they would keep in a spirit of dependence. Brown has begun to work. Baynes preaches with much energy; but he is not so much of a pastor. However, the Lord has blessed & guided & kept & I trust Him for all. Here the brethren are happy. It will try them, of course, when I go, but they are really godly & in a good spirit. I have still a good sum undrawn for the brethren at work. Kindest love to the brethren. Peace be with you all, ever affecty, J.N.D.

Kind remembrances to your household.

All of a sudden my head raise by a roar of thunder rain with bright sunshine all the while. It may cool a little. Drops like teaspoonfuls but ceased soon. I may very likely go to Quebec for Lord’s Day. Scott was here last Sunday.

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