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are getting on happily. Indeed it is so in general. Here, tho’ some have been recently added, there is, I think, distress, the cause evident too; but only One that can remove it. They are going on well, but I think there would be an open door if the Spirit was freer. The Indian work is near this & is getting on nicely: we had three at Guelph, one too unwell to come, but uncommonly nice people & they were very happy & I believe got a lift. They all understood English very well, two aren’t free in speaking it; the work is, thank God, tho’ a small one in a healthful happy state. I had thought of August for return to England, it seems as if it would go on to October, but I cannot say. I thought of New York & Philadelphia. The Southerners are near the latter & some of the railroads I might have taken broken up. All this is in the Lord’s hands. I do not feel any uneasiness or sense of danger, if only I can get there.

Kindest love to the beloved brethren, with many thanks to all for their generous help. It not only confirms there love to those who receive it, but abounds to thanksgiving to God, & is a witness to those, who had to learn it of the fellowship of the saints. Kind remembrances too, to Mrs. W.

Ever affecty yours in the Lord, J.N.D.

I was very glad to hear of ____; for him it is the best of signs, and he is all right at the bottom. Poor S_! it is to me a strange case, the connexion of so much pretention & so little feeling; it is the last that is so strange to me, but the Lord knows all better than we do. His case is to me very sorrowful. H_ I do not know of directly. He is, no mistake, an (activ denuir?) of eternal punishment. I apprehend an annihilationist into which many of the Millerites fell along with other extravagancies. Annihilationism is pretty pregnant in the South of Canada, West too.

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