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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 72


in different places, who were with Wells laying out the railroad when Baynes was clean out of the world in the eastern townships where they were working. A. Wells & wife, Leckie, two or three in the gathering at Montreal, &c. He gifted as an evangelist; there is inquiry at Montreal & several did not know where to go. We have still to see the working out of the result, but the hand of the Lord has been so evident that one must count on its all being brought right. A singular effect of the few days I spent at Montreal he mentioned to me: a godly devoted independent was one evening with us and societies turned up: I said I delighted in the object, often, but money was so offensively the title to influence, bills, &c., that it was impossible to get on in practice. He was necessary to them as their secretary & to their great dislike he got every money clause struck out of the three chief religious societies in Montreal – I think he will get further on. He issued a circular to have all members of churches (so called) to meet together to break bread, but the ministers told him it was not practicable. He is what is called an influential merchant in the place. Baynes is very anxious I should go down & (D.V.) I shall go after a while at Clinton, leaving Detroit for after. There are other places as Ottawa, London (I met Dr. Cronyn) where God has called some, blessed at Toronto & elsewhere. Saunders (once at Norwick) has now been admitted to communion & was at the end of the Guelph meeting from Toronto & I trust also got hold of the unity of the Body. Some are pretty constantly dropping in or getting blessing present from new places, so as to open doors more or less. This increases opposition, of course. But the Lord is working on. At (Minto?) a door seems open. They

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