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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 71


sent him a trifle of my own & I knew he added more than I sent. They are poor there & forward to do all they can. Indeed we had to hinder one giving as he wished; it made his wife so violent; she had been greatly laid hold of too by the word. Our conference at Guelph was certainly much blessed; progress from last year, not only from fresh souls but in the spirit of the meeting. Craig Baynes came up. I trust all, is or will be directly free at Montreal for progress: there is a small meeting going on and increasing since I came here; but his meeting was a half-way house, the most part attached to himself, the rest Baptists who could not go to the Baptist Church because they were close & they open. But he got hold of the Church of God at the meeting, & a valuable man who was with him, & meanwhile they having already taken pews in the Baptist Church before he came up, which helped him on (indeed he had flared out against them) declared in his absence that they were & would be Baptists. He and his flock decided thereon to leave them & begin afresh. He had always been wanting to go with them, saying they only wanted to be helped on. He admits now that he never saw the unity of the Body at all, only leaving surrounding sect & meeting, indeed he had mixed up with a great deal of it; & that we were evidently right in our judgment of their state. His danger is love of popularity, but he is as a new creature & was in the best spirit. This break out of the Baptist party in his absence, was a great help to him. It is a great joy to brethren, for he was the means of the conversion of some of our beloved ones & some of the choicest among us,

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