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Dearest Brother

I write a line, counting on the affection of my brethren, to let them know of our safe arrival, & salute them from this far country, but where I am as quietly installed in work as if I were in London. Though we had rough weather, still on the whole we were favored in our voyage.  To Londonderry it was lovely, there the wind sprung up & was, I may say, against us, though sometimes using sails all the day.  On Sunday night it blew very hard & we laboured & ploughed the ocean; we had it rough till Tuesday when it blew harder still & in the night we split one of the sails, Friday & to Saturday morning fine, when we reached Newfoundland, a lovely morning - then very rough up the gulf of St. Lawrence, & lastly a magnificent day up the river to Quebec.  Through the Lord's mercy, using a little precaution of lying down at first, I never was sick all the way, & for the last week was working at preparing the synopsis for the press as usual.  But I was pretty much alone in this privilege.  I have felt I was in the right path & have enjoyed very greatly the Lord's presence in my voyage.  I thank God and felt his light with me.  Thanks to the beloved Brethren

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