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kindness which it is impossible for me to notice each, all accept my thanks. May the Lord abundantly bless all. Your affect brother in Christ, J.N.D.


* * * * *

Duncan Bell, Esq. Toronto, Canada West


Beloved Brother,


I write a line to you to continue my communications with my Brethren, which I desire with all my heart to keep up, though my days pass so quietly in work, & as they might in England, that I have but little to communicate. I passed some days at Quebec at Capt. Scott’s, and found great interest, thought in a limited sphere, in the Word. There is only a little gathering formed by his being there & a few sisters & Miss Limmont’s brother who is now come out, Capt. Scott finds himself a little alone. But I found the Lord very much with me & each evening the meeting was larger. I had four meetings on Sunday, having preached to the Canadians in the afternoon: altogether my passing visit there was a very happy one. Next at Montreal where the position is quite different. Craig Baynes has a meeting hard to describe – his avowed principles now are all fair but he accepted a kind of pastorship at a Baptist Separatist Church, but on certain conditions, seeking now to have it considered as a Brethren’s meeting,

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