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yet certainly was vexed by brethren’s decision on many points. Some eight or ten held aloof or separated, but they were not without their own difficulties – he wished me to meet his friends & and have all discussed, I told him I did not come for discussion or to press anything, but to see the brethren; but was of course ready to see them & converse on any points with them, & he had as many as could come everyday at 3 o’clock and I hope light came in on some points to some minds. The brethren’s own difficulties are, I think, quite removed. What will come of it all I don’t know. I lectured in the evening & people came & I hope were edified. He has a large congregation Sunday evening. Personally he was kindness itself. I was ill all the time I was there so that I could not see brethren much & was actually lying down all the time but the meeting. Then here where I preached Sunday evening & lectured Wednesday & Friday I have felt the Lord with me, we have had reading meetings every evening. The 25th we have one general meeting, God willing, at Guelph. Two of the saints are dying here very happy. There are some interesting persons also who come but don’t break bread. I feel, too, the Lord has brought me here at the right time, & trust it may lead to more & more union with the saints here. Two brothers, both

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