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clergymen, who were on the move, have come out, & they are down here, & from all I have seen of them are beloved brethren. Their letter to their Bishop was very nice. We read with some other brethren every morning. They are, I trust, real & earnest in their desire to labor for the Lord (it seems others are exercised, what that will lead to I cannot tell but thus far the movement has been most happy). They are quiet unassuming men, one married with a baby, the other not. The married one has taken a house here hoping he may have some boys to help support himself though anxious not to put himself out from working. Would you kindly let Wm. Dorman know I have called on & seen his uncle Dr. Robinson a kind Wesleyian Christian. Kindest love to the Brethren, I am most thankful for their prayers, I trust they will still remember me. We have very fine weather, wet today but not before. Kindest love to your own circle & all around you. J.N.D.


Dearest Owen, 

I had been praying as to this matter in East Street having briefly heard of the act of these leaders, one or two of whom, I believe, are misled.

Tom said ...
The start of the letter that Greg has helpfully transcribed and pointed is quite similar to that in Vol.1 p.334 (Stow Hill) or p.406 (Morrish).
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 : 18:19

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