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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 6


But I think if there was not power to resist the action of the six, that is as things actually stood, what has happened is the best that could, tho’ it showed weakness. All proves to me the evil of the leaders. That meeting began with the activity of some with little fellowship of brethren on that side the water, and became a refuge even to those who sought agitation. God has shewn the weakness but delivered the simple. There may be some to be regretted (all in one sense) but if those delivered walk in grace and firmness, and individually so too as grace gets the upper hand in the others they will be delivered too, complete breach with some in the state they are in at present I look upon as a mercy, a great mercy. There is sometimes a little tightness at Kennington, but they are united and care for one another. 

All this abuse of brethren I look upon as a sign that God delights in their testimony for truth. I feel in every respect more than ever the immense importance of their position, and that in respect of the question of truth too, only it is a narrower path. Standards and church authority are proving an utter failure. Infidelity making, alas often cobwebs of them, I hear dissenters are in the same perplexity. This matter of Colenso is most significant. That there is grace for union and union holding fast the truth is just the best and only testimony that can be

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