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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 7


given for God now. And if we look to Him He will maintain it. Union without the truth many would have. The dissenters uneasy yet in practice (true at least) hold it for indifferent: God has exercised us for this point by the Bethesda question, which I look upon now as the greatest mercy. There is an attempt to keep up unity by mere organisation. There was organisation at the first but that too is a failure. Three have tried it in different ways among brethren, and have in result broken up what seemed to have power, firmness, grace and knowledge. It has not stood. I believe in the ruin of the church, but I believe that Christ will be where two or three are gathered together in His name. 

As to dear Willans, I do not see that it is more than “I have not faith for it”. I think I could explain that to him. I have faith in God for it, feeble faith and in presence of all kinds of difficulties, but I have faith in God. I have never known Him fail those who trust in Him. Obedience is the path of power. That was settled in our controversy with the Irvingites, but not of apparent power, but of having God with me, a little strength, not denying Christ’s name, keeping His word, keeping the word of His patience. This is what we have to look for now, not apparent strength, obedience grace and union in dependence on Christ, waiting for Him, waiting as He is waiting. Where there is this, there will be a

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