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testimony, and just what the world cannot understand, infirmities is the weakness in which Christ’s power is displayed by maintaining what is so weak. Why attack brethren so much, but that they feel there is what they cannot deal with? What works on the consciences from what you say of the pamphlet which I have not seen. I should think it would do good, as the unbelief is betrayed in it. 

I have answered the Record, Quarterly Journal of Prophecy, &c., since I was here, but my path here has been very quiet. I have been kept here at Hamilton longer than I thought, as many serious souls are getting blessing. I know nothing as to their joining brethren, as it is called, nor have I inquired, but they are getting peace, seeing what the church is, and hence what the state of things which are so called is, getting thro’ grace faith according to the truth. I have never asked them a word about brethren, but the work is full of interest, not numbers, but souls in earnest. Yet everywhere I have been souls have been added or restored. 

At Toronto too there are many most interesting souls, and I am thinking of while here even going a day there, it is 50 miles by rail, and lecturing. I have been there and found many who have been made earnest by my preaching and meetings. Of course there are fears and opposition, but this must be expected, yet there is distinct and evident blessing for souls in earnest. I have the bush to visit yet, save at one point, there the Indian Catechist is, I hear, at length quite decided to

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