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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 9


send in his resignation, and there is hopeful work among the Indians; one of the clergymen is used to and loves work in the bush. 

Some new towns are opening too where our brother Evans, who had been greatly blessed, had not been. He really, tho’ there were individuals who had come out but recently got loose and into material things, may be, viewing it as a whole, considered the founder of the work in Canada. I have followed his footsteps where he had laid the foundation, save here and in one or two places, and even here the nucleus was indirectly thro’ his means. In general there are very nice brethren here indeed and caring for one another, of course ordinary trials, but grace and fellowship. 
I had a tolerably violent attack in my eye, but, thank God, am quite well. We have had fine weather hitherto, and often pretty much like England, only drier. 
I have set about the Synopsis on Revelation since I have been here and have enjoyed my study of it. 

Peace be with you. I trust, as you say nothing, you are well. My kindest love to the brethren, and many unfeigned thanks for their prayers. The Lord sparing me I shall see them again, but my work in Canada I do not see to be finished yet. Give my kind love to Gould. If Daniells has not yet enough, in January I could add a trifle to what I gave you. My Canada journey took my means partly then. 

I was very glad to hear there were teachers for

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