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the school. Kind remembrances to Mrs Owen, the Lord’s blessing be on your little ones. 

Affectionately yours in the Lord. 

Thank Dodd for his letter. I do not write another as I am writing this. Assure dear Miller and Mrs M of my unfeigned sympathy with him as to his daughter and dear Neatby, and my desire for blessing on them unfeigned. I strongly suspect that the Peckham move was that the six were not one between ourselves, but tho’ patience might have wrought a more complete work, an entire clearance is, I doubt not, the best thing, if, as I said, grace and firmness are shown. 



Toronto                                                                               11 October 1862

Dear Wigram

As to the Grants I felt as anxious for the expression of fellowship as for the money. Hitherto they have been kept without need; their habits are very simple; one used to the bush and simple, so that his living costs very little indeed; he is just gone off to the wildest parts; the other is married and necessarily spends more; both working nicely and with intelligence of what they are about. There is another clergyman exercised, the result, of course, I know not.

Here and in the U.S. the church and the world are more mixed than even in England; so that testimony of brethren is more defined and important as far as the sphere goes and things seem to point to an awakening as to this in the States. I have been invited to more than one point, how the Lord will lead I know not. In this

Greg said ...
Completed letter to GVW running from p.10 to p.13.

Compare Letters Vol.1 p.409 (Morrish) or p.336.

This letter adds information re FWG, RTG, Arthur Wells, R Evans (to whom JND attributes the substance of the work in Canada), and [Captain F G] Scott. There's also an expurgated reference to W C Baynes on p.13 (which may be confirmed by comparing the letter on p.3 where he is called Craig Baynes).
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 : 09:24
Tom said ...
Brilliant, thanks Greg!

If anyone has more info on R. Evans, or Arthur Wells, would be glad to know.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 : 12:05

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