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place there is no apparent fruit in the meeting. Two have been restored but I think a working of the testimony in the consciences around more perhaps than anywhere. Only Toronto could be compared. Several have found peace: one who had fallen into infidelity. And a full salvation—a translating into the kingdom of God’s dear Son—the church—the Lord’s coming, have laid hold and deeply exercised the consciences of many. At Toronto I have a larger congregation. Here the very work in souls made them afraid and get warning tho’ the last, indeed, is the case in Toronto. At Guelph where our conference was, and a very devoted man, Arthur Wells lives, the growth of the assembly has been rapid since. Evans is just gone there. I suppose, the Lord willing, I shall go, when I take it as my starting point for sleighing on into the bush and the shores of Lake Huron where I am expected. I do trust the Lord will keep up, and deepen even, the awakening of souls in this place. The American habit of joining a church for respectability, makes the church regularly worldly, but there are a good many Christians, but in a dead state. In Canada there are about 250 brethren, and walking intelligently and happily generally, everywhere. The great instrument of this, really, was Evans, of course others have laboured in detail, but all was confusion till he was here. We are now in snow and I am old. But,

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