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save a day or two, no very violent cold, scarcely calling to wrap up as much as in England; but it is coming, I suppose, with Christmas. [Here follow details in reply to my letters about Switzerland and France as visited by me this autumn.] I have got on a considerable way ch.xv with the Rev. for Synopsis; having at last felt led to take it up fully. You will have seen the Brethren and their Reviewers.

I add as to —— that your visit in itself was a great relief to him. His want of openness was always their charge. It is possible that the depths of the moral law contrasted with his place of service, dismays him and hinders his restoration. As to the Lord’s having used him in service I cannot question it a moment. I look on the case as an awful one. We must trust the Lord in the matter of —— and I do. I know not; but I am not afraid. May He give peace to His saints and blessing.

I cannot but feel that the Lord is working here and that my journey here was most timely. There is nothing of éclat, but, in these last days, a solemn settling of principle which will, under grace, be important for this country, nay, for the whole continent. The foundation of the truth as to the church’s position, its hopes and its salvation, have been brought home to all classes of Christians and the authority of Scripture singularly exercised its power in their consciences. This too has strengthened brethren, the Lord only knows the result. We must only work on while it is called today. My kindest love to the brethren and thanks for all their

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