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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 83


week, the Lord willing, we hope to start off again declaring the truth as we go. We have learned that our Master preached some of His most instructive discourses to a simple individual, & that the disciples went from house to house declaring the Word. At present this is my chief mode of publishing the gospel, tho’ some don’t understand why I should not occupy the desk as formerly & preach to the multitude; not regarding anything as preaching but a set discourse from a pulpit. As yet persecution has not overtaken me, but it will come. I trust my faithfulness will be such that it cannot be kept back, tho’, of course, I do not court it. But I must close this somewhat long epistle in which I have failed to convey to you half of what is in my heart. My dear wife, you will be pleased to learn is thoroughly with me in all my views, plans, labours, & hopes as well as joys. She has a very good knowledge of the Word & a great facility in communicating in private to others. From the first of our acquaintance with dear brethren we have studied the Word together & drunk together of the refreshing waters. She joins with me in expressions of gratitude to yourself, wife, & the dear saints in London & elsewhere. Lets us hear from you often. The Post Master here will forward to us if we are absent. You can direct to me or as before “Care of Col. E.Brown, Assist. Assessor, 86 court St., Boston, Massachusetts” It is just as safe to send here direct to me.

Very truly yours,


Mrs. Brown objects to my saying anything about her knowledge of truth, as she feels herself quite ignorant. If you find any wrong sentiment herein, please remember we are yet young in the truth. I ought to have said that I respond heartily to the sentiments of your previous letter. By the grace of God I understand it all. The Master will own all our sacrifices for Him before the Father & angels & men, while His grace now makes His yoke truly easy & His burden light.

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