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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 84


Collingwood, C.W. (Canada West)

2 Feb. 1864  [Written by Robert Grant]


Dearest Brother,

Your kind letter and accompanying order arrived here in safety & were most thankfully received both by my brother & myself; not only as an expression of Christian love from some we had never seen in the flesh (tho’ one in Spirit) but as an additional proof of the care & faithfulness of our God. Whilst there is much sweetness in thus proving the reality of His care & love, I cannot help feeling reproved by it for the feebleness of my love to Him, & the lack of energy for His service. But even in this we must be His debtors too, for grace to follow in the path of devotedness.

Since I wrote to our dear brother Mr. Darby the Lord has owned His own truth here for blessing to some souls. Four have come out from the systems, & four or five others have found peace, but these last have not made much progress since. Indeed they have moved away from the place & are not so accessible as they were. One or two other Christians, I trust, will be with us soon, as the truth seems to be breaking in upon them by degrees. Of those who have broken bread with us two have moved away to Bowmanville on lake Ontario where they have met with much opposition from their relatives & friends who are Campbellites or Disciples as they are called here. But a few of their friends have been much drawn by the fullness of the gospel, one of them was preparing to preach in connection with Disciples, I trust the Lord may yet send him forth to preach a pure gospel. Just now there is not much going on here, with the exception of the Jew I have named, there is almost universal deadness & worldliness. From Hamilton where our dear Brother Evans is labouring now, we are constantly hearing of fresh additions. But as I have not had any letters direct from there lately I cannot give any particulars. Brother Wells has been blessed

Samuel said ...
Who is brother Wells ?--referred to at the end of page 84? Is this Arthur Wells (1824-1900) who married Georgina Dora Ridout (1824-1906) and father of Harriet Mary who got married to John Wilson Smith (later of Cumledge --see STEM's biography of him --he was a very devoted evangelist in the Glanton heartland) at Niagara on 12th Sept 1876 ? I feel sure that either it is Arthur Wells or perhaps one of his sons . Any chance that Samuel Ridout may have been related to Georgina Dora Ridout?
Arthur Wells was well off. He built an imposing house in Manor Park Crescent which is now a listed building. He was a Civil Engineer and Postmaster. He had 20 children.
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